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It’s a fact:  wedding clients LOVE photo booths. 

It’s also a fact that most photographers… do not.  Between LOSING TIME AWAY FROM SHOOTING THE MAIN ACTION, to lugging around tons of props and extra equipment, there are a lot of struggles. That is where we come in. 

Greetings, fellow photographers, I’m Russell Brammer, a professional photographer located conveniently between DC and Baltimore. When I got married in 2012, we knew we wanted a photo booth because... they're just fun.  After looking around for a good one, I was pretty disappointed. I decided to create one myself and put it together just the way I wanted.

The booth I created is big, open, and uses professional lighting and cameras.  An open-style booth really invites the guests to interact with it – and each other.  It was such a big hit at my wedding, and I got so many requests to recreate it, I just had to share it with everybody! 

By partnering with RB Photo Booth you can easily offer an amazing photo booth experience to your customers without any of the trouble of actually creating, running, or delivering the photos. At the event a live photographer will regale the guests while you are free to focus on the main event.  Afterwards we will take care of the editing and file delivery, or you can go with our White Label option and use your own branding from start to finish. 

We believe a photo booth should make awesome photos. RB photo booth is designed to take high quality photos with a personal touch -- the kind of photos that your clients will love.  

We enjoyed Russell’s photo booth at a friend’s wedding so much that we made sure he would be at ours! Great props, high quality photos, and a pleasure to work with. Our friends and family loved it, and so did we. Highly recommended!

-Aaron and Lauren

We're already offering this service to select photographers on a limited basis, here's what one of our earliest photographer partners has to say:

It is always such a wonderful experience working with Russell. He is both talented, professional and a lot of fun! Including his Photo Booth services to my wedding packages has really made it easy for my clients that are looking for extra entertainment for their wedding. You really can’t go wrong with his photo booths. He has an incredible assortment of props, and backdrops, and his equipment is fantastic. Guests, family members, and the bride and groom have a blast every time! The fact that it’s an open-air photo booth also allows larger groups to come together to create a hysterical masterpiece. Even the vendors jump in! Again, you can’t go wrong with RB Photo Booths.

-Daisy Saulls (saulls.com)

Still not convinced? To prove how valuable RB Photo Booth can be to your business, we'll take 25% off your first event. That's on top of our already discounted photographer partnership program pricing. You set the pricing for the client, so you have the final say on how much profit you make.

Shooting a wedding can be stressful, Let us make it easier for you.

We bring the professional quality fun. Contact us now to find out more...

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